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Please focus on any red links currently on the Main Page. (Note that I/O Interface pages are rather complex and use specific templates for register definitions)

Additional needs include:

  • PIF-NUS needs expansion to include:
    • Boot behavior (entirely different operation than when console is running normally)
    • PIF RAM behavior under normal circumstances
  • Register definitions for the CP0 and CP1 (place in VR4300), RSP#Registers and RDRAM#Registers
  • Translation lookaside buffer, of which the N64 has multiple, and may operate differently if in 64-bit or 32-bit addressing modes.
  • A page for hardware timings is desperately needed by emulator developers. Details should include: CPU pipeline cycles, all DMA and I/O timings for each I/O Interface, DMA Priority Arbitration, and possibly more. Information there will need to be intensely researched and verified, or else noted otherwise.
  • High quality (in-focus) scans/photographs are needed for all major hardware, including the front and back of: all motherboard revisions, paks, controllers/peripherals, and game cartridges. Place on appropriate pages.

There may be a category created for all N64 games down the road, but that is a massive undertaking and thus is rather low priority right now. However, the Game Pak page should still be worked on.


When creating a page that should be included in a category, please add [[Category:categoryName]] to the bottom of the page's source (where categoryName is the name of the category). This will automatically include the page into the category's page list.