Reality Signal Processor

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The Reality Signal Processor, or RSP, is the portion of the RCP responsible for matrix math, lighting calculations, clipping, shading, and other highly parallel graphics tasks as well as audio processing. The RSP can be programmed in custom microcode to handle specific tasks, though most games leverage one of several stock microcodes made available by Nintendo.


CPU Type Cut down version of the MIPS4000 CPU
Clock Speed 62.5mhz
Instruction Size 32bit (1 Word)
Duel Instruction Yes (one scaler and one vector opcode at once)
Pipeline Stages 5 stage pipeline for both the Scaler and Vector Pipelines

IF, RD and WB stages are shared between the two pipelines

IMEM Data Path 64bit (This allows a duel instruction to happen) This can only be double word aligned for reads
Scaler Register Size 32 entries of 32bit in size (Word Writable)
Vector Register Size 32 entries of 128bit is size (8bit to 128bit Mask Writable File)
DMEM Scaler Data Path Up to 32bit Loads and Stores
DMEM Vector Data Path Up to 128bit Loads and Stores
Scaler ALU Size 32bit in side only
Vector ALU Size 8x 16bit vector ALU pipelines (48bit Final Accumulator)