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Since this is a wiki, anyone can edit any unprotected pages. However, for your own benefit and to deter spam bots, you are required to create an account (and verify your email address), before you can edit anything. It's recommended that you learn how to edit the source of a page, however if you'd prefer to use the visual editor, you may use that instead.

Remember: You don't have to be a master editor right away! Just getting content onto a page is already quite helpful. Don't be afraid to ask for help, or to ask other editors to improve the formatting of a page.

Refer to the Todo page for details about what is currently being worked on.

Content Protocols

When adding content or especially when creating new pages, an encyclopedic (topic-based) style is critical. Any particular page should talk about a specific physical item or concept. Please do not create vague or generic pages like "General Overview" or "The Console".

Pages for items that are often referred to by an acronym, should instead use the full word/phrase. Then mention in the first paragraph any other forms of the name. North American Aerospace Defense Command from Wikipedia is a good example. Although this is almost always called "NORAD" in conversations, the page uses the full name. Redirects can be set up instead, in case someone searches for the page using the acronym.

The content on each page should not include any argumentative or opinionated writing (unless it is within a quote). Instead, focus on the facts and information that is supported by evidence (which should then also be supplied).

Providing Accurate Information

It it extremely important that editors provide information and data that is as accurate as possible. If you aren't sure something is true, either don't write it, or mark it as unverified. An example of how this can be done for minor occurrences is Joybus_Protocol#0x00_-_Info where the superscript number is used to denote certain entries of the table as unverified. If a major portion of a page is unverified, a warning should be placed at the top of the page (template will be created for this, but text is fine for now).

If you are getting information from a particular source (besides yourself), like another webpage or publication, please write in a "References" section at the bottom of the page with links or other details for each source. If however, you know something to be true by your own experimentation or as collaboration with other people, it is preferred that you indicate that as a reference too.

Warning - Double Check Your Sources

A source of information may appear to be accurate, you may even verify parts of the page yourself. But that doesn't necessarily mean that everything on a page is 100% correct. A great example of this is this site. There is one, subtle, but major error here. Despite the author being "fairly confident" and the data being fixed up from another source, the pin "/CE2" is wrong. Instead, that pin is actually A15, the 16th address pin used by multiple Paks. The rest of the page is accurate though.

If you can, compare multiple sources to each other. If they mismatch, assume that there could be other issues too.

Source Editing

As mentioned, editing the source of a page is recommended. It is ultimately far more powerful than the visual editor will ever be, and it keeps the source more organized. HTML tags are allowed, but wiki markup should be used when possible. If you run into a situation where a Template would be helpful, please check if something already exists, before making one yourself. HTML tags in Templates is perfectly okay (and quite often necessary). You can see a list of all templates by going here and selecting "Templates" from the Namespace list, then click "Go".

To learn about source editing, refer to MediaWiki's help page.

Editing the Main Page

At the moment, the main page is editable by all registered users. However, we ask that if you wish to make a significant change (such as adding boxes or changing the format), that you first check with people in the #wiki-project channel on the Discord server. Thanks.


These are useful for organizing related pages into a list automatically. To add a page to a category, go to the source page, and at the bottom add [[Category:categoryName]], where "categoryName" is the name of the category you wish to add the page to. To link to a category, insert a colon just after the first double brackets [[:Category:categoryName]].


While using the discussion/Talk pages can be useful, there is also a channel on the N64 homebrew Discord server specifically for discussing this wiki's development. Feel free to join to ask for help or guidance, or to report any problems with the wiki.