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The N64Brew logo. The words "Summer Game Jam" are on the bottom on a crest of a wave, behind a sandy, tropical beach setting.

The fourth annual N64 homebrew game jam put together by the N64brew community on Discord. The theme, "Summer", was announced on June 25, 2023. The game jam began on June 30, 2022 and ended on August 21, 2023. This year, the number per team was increased to 5, instead of 4, from previous years.

All submissions into the N64brew Summer Game Jam earned entrants a raffle ticket for a Everdrive X7 flash cartridge giveaway, donated by LambertJamesd.

As in other years, the prize pot for the winner of this year's jam will be donated to a charity per the winner's choosing. The prize pot for the 2023 N64brew Summer Game Jam was $776.76 USD.

Five out of the six entries for the N64Brew Game Jam 2023 utilized Libdragon over Nintendo's official SDK.

In contrast to previous years of having pre-selected judges for the Jam, the 2023 Summer Game Jam opted to go with a Ranked Choice Voting approach, a first in its history, provided by the N64Brew Discord Community. Voting for each submission opened to N64Brew members on August 22, 2023, and ended on August 27, 2023, at 11:59:59 EST. This choice of voting works as follows: There was a list of all the submissions for users to vote on, and they each assign a rank from 1 (least favorite) to 6 (favorite), with one unique rank per submission (no two submissions with the same number).

Game Jam participants were also allowed to vote, but scores assigned to their own submission were ignored for obvious reasons.

The score sheet was published once voting ended, with anonymized voters, so jam participants could view and review feedback submitted.

A total of 30 votes were cast.

The winners of the Game Jam were announced in September 2023.

Prominent Nintendo 64 enthusiast and videogame reviewer, Hard4Games, reviewed the Game Jam submissions in video-format on September 6, 2023, and provided their own judgement & scores of the submissions.


Entry Solo/Team Participant(s) Engine/Framework Source Code External link(s)
Alien Sun Solo 9_Nova libdragon https://github.com/9nova/aliensun https://9nova.itch.io/aliensun
Brew Volleyball Solo tfmoe__ Libdragon https://github.com/marian-m12l/n64brew-gamejam-4
Megatextures Tech Demo Team Team Ultra Rare (lambertjamesd, jtn191, sapphiretactics) libultra https://github.com/lambertjamesd/n64brew2023
Sand Castle Clamour Solo traill Libdragon https://github.com/Traillio/sand_castle_clamour
Sand City Team Pocket Sand (Wade Typhon, cryb) libdragon https://github.com/Wade-Tyhon/Sand-City
Summer's Story Team Polygon Sandwich (anacierdem, Dc.all) Libdragon https://github.com/anacierdem/summers_story https://anacierdem.itch.io/summers-story


Entry Score Rank
Summer's Story 125 1st Place
Megatextures Tech Demo 118 2nd Place
Alien Sun 113 3rd Place
Sand City 104 4th Place
Sand Castle Clamour 91 5th Place
Brew Volleyball 54 6th Place


The N64brew Game Jam 2023 Announcement/promo video is also viewable on an actual Nintendo 64 console itself! Just pop the file into your flash cartridge of choice and you're ready to hit play! Rasky from N64brew helped with this endeavor!

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