N64brew Game Jam 2022

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The N64Brew logo. The words "SPOOKY Jam" are on the label, and jar that says "jam".

The third N64 homebrew game jam put together by the N64brew community on Discord[1]. The theme, "Spooky", was announced on August 27, 2022. The game jam ran from August 30, 2022 through to the deadline on October 30, 2022. Interviews with jam contestants & judges happened once the jam was completed.

The winner, Team Ultrarare, decided that the prize pot of $1369.65 USD should go to Child's Play[2], a charity dedicated to sending toys, books, and games to children's hospitals.


Name External link(s)
Buu342 https://github.com/buu342
N64 Squid https://n64squid.com/
Gerry (Behind The Code) https://twitter.com/_BehindTheCode/


Entry Solo/Team Participant(s) Engine/Framework Source Code External link(s)
Styx Team Ultrarare (lambertjamesd, jtn191, SapphireTactics) libultra https://github.com/N64brew-Game-Jam-2022/Styx
Super Snooper Spookers Solo CardboardBox (Anthony Blackman) Libdragon https://github.com/N64brew-Game-Jam-2022/Super-Snooper-Spookers
Spirit Harvest Team Spirit Walkers (WadeMalone, bryc, Cobra!) libultra https://github.com/N64brew-Game-Jam-2022/Spirit-Harvest
Slime Heist Team A Spooky Sight (Yoshimaster96, Raphaël) Libdragon https://github.com/N64brew-Game-Jam-2022/Slime-Heist
Dead Ritual Team Half An Octapus (Kivan117, SpiritOf1776,Hypatia) libultra https://github.com/N64brew-Game-Jam-2022/Dead-Ritual
Fanger's Lightmare Team Vintage Horror Pictures (pepsiman, Brozilla, Gary Jones III, Erockbrox) Libdragon https://github.com/N64brew-Game-Jam-2022/Fangers-Lightmare
Tiny Nightmare Team TN64 Devs (zoncabe, jaltekruse,Swagneto, Mr. Glitch) Libultra https://github.com/N64brew-Game-Jam-2022/Tiny-Nightmare
Swamp Hero 64 Solo torte00 UltraED Game Engine & Libultra https://github.com/N64brew-Game-Jam-2022/Swamp-Hero-64


Entry Score Rank
Styx 70/75 1st Place
Super Snooper Spookers 65/75 2nd Place
Spirit Harvest 57/75 3rd Place
Slime Heist 51/75 1st Runner Up
Dead Ritual 50/75 2nd Runner Up
Fanger's Lightmare 45/75 3rd Runner Up
Tiny Nightmare 41/75 4th Runner Up
Swamp Hero 38/75 5th Runner Up

External Links

  1. Jam Announcement & Theme Reveal Video
  2. Interview with the Judges and Contestants
  3. Highlight reel of the entries
  4. Winners Announcement Reel