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When grouped references are defined, then the page must also have markup to show the reference list. The reference list is shown by including either of the following:

{{notelist}} or one of the variants listed below.

Issues and resolution

The most obvious and simplest issue is when the reference list markup is missing. Simply add {{reflist|group=groupname}} to the end of the article under the section title "References", usually between "See also" and "External links". The $1 in the message shown above will be replaced with the groupname.

There are predefined group names that use templates for the in-text citation and for the reference list. If one of these group names is used, then the matching reference list template can be used. {{#section:Help:footnotes|pregrouptable}}

Sometimes the reference list markup exists, but the message is shown because the <ref> tag immediately before the reference list markup does not have a closing </ref> or it is malformed, thus "eating" the rest of the text including the reference list. Find the last <ref> tag and ensure it is properly closed with </ref>.

This message may also show if there are <ref>...</ref> tags after the reference list markup. Ensure all <ref>...</ref> tags are properly placed. A template such as a navbox may have <ref>...</ref> tags.



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  • Misleading error message for omitted </ref> tag T23798

Cite error: <ref> tags exist for a group named "note", but no corresponding <references group="note"/> tag was found