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The Doctor V64 is a backup device developed by Bung Enterprises Limited. It was manufactured in Hong Kong and released in 1997 for $450. It contains an IDE-CD drive and plugs into the N64's external connector. The first model was 8x speed, but later models with 16x and 32x speed were released. At the heart of the Doctor V64 is a MOS Technology 6502 CPU. It originally was released with 16 MB of RAM, which later revisions increased to 32 MB. It can function as an external video CD player and development kit. Akklaim used the Doctor V64 as an unofficial dev kit on Turok 3. The Doctor V64 can dump roms (with .v64 extension) from cartridges. When began to sell Bung products, Nintendo was made aware of the company. On November 21st 1997, Nintendo of America filed a lawsuit against Bung Enterprises Ltd. Nintendo was awarded 7 million dollars in damages and Bung ceased selling the Doctor V64.