N64brew Game Jam 2021

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The N64Brew Game Jam logo. The words "game jam" are on the label, and a pricetag that says "#2".

The second homebrew game jam put together by the N64brew community on Discord. The entries were designed around the preselected theme, Control, which was announced at the beginning of the jam. After two months of work, the entries were judged based on multiple categories. The winner got to select a charity to donate to form a pot of donations given by members of the community.


Name External link(s)
Buu342 https://github.com/buu342
LuigiBlood https://luigiblood.neocities.org/
Samuel “Kaiser” Villarreal https://villsa.wordpress.com/
Kaze Emanuar https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuvSqzfO_LV_QzHdmEj84SQ
Giles Goddard https://twitter.com/giles




Entry Score
Wizard of the Board 110/125
Mission Lost Control 105/125
Voidblade 97/125
Power Struggle 96/125
Fission Failure 64 95/125
Tandem Trouble 80/125
zzgunner 75/125
Bug Game 62/125
Bird Kart 49/125
Featherlight 47/125
Asteroids 47/125
sUGGOH 40/125

External Links

  1. Jam Announcement Video
  2. Theme Reveal Trailer
  3. Interview with the Judges and Contestants
  4. Highlight reel of the entries
  5. Winners Announcement Reel