N64brew Game Jam 2020

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The N64Brew Game Jam logo. The words "game jam" are illustrated as the label on a jam jar.

The first homebrew game jam put together by the N64brew community on Discord. The entries were designed around the preselected theme, Size, which was announced at the beginning of the Jam. After two months of work, the entries were judged based on multiple categories. The top three entries earn cash rewards split up from a pot of donations given by members of the community.


Name External link(s)
Buu342 https://github.com/buu342
David Doak https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Doak
Allan Findlay https://lscmainframe.kontek.net/features/afindlay.html
Snooplax https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIajM7KQQ8wjOJ-aMnFealQ
Neil Voss https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neil_Voss


Entry Solo/Team Participant(s) Engine/Framework Source Code External link(s)
64noid Solo gamemasterplc libultra https://github.com/N64brew-Game-Jam-2020/64noid
Big Burger Solo Allie libultra https://github.com/N64brew-Game-Jam-2020/Big-Burger
Castle64 Solo manfried libultra https://github.com/N64brew-Game-Jam-2020/Castle64
JUIC'N 64 Solo kivan117 libdragon https://github.com/N64brew-Game-Jam-2020/Juicn-64
Kumi-Daiko Beatoff 64 Team Team Riistahillo libultra https://github.com/N64brew-Game-Jam-2020/Kumi-Daiko-Beatoff-64 https://zhamul.itch.io/kumi-daiko-beatoff-64
Lunar Assault 64 Solo danielface libultra https://github.com/N64brew-Game-Jam-2020/Lunar-Assault-64 https://danbolt.itch.io/lunar-assault-64
Retro Dash Solo SpiritOf1776 libdragon https://github.com/N64brew-Game-Jam-2020/Retro-Dash
Sblobber64 Team vrgl117 games libdragon https://github.com/N64brew-Game-Jam-2020/Sblobber64
Shrunk in the Wash? Just add water! Solo joeldipops libdragon https://github.com/N64brew-Game-Jam-2020/Just-Add-Water
Tecto Team Team Tecto libultra https://github.com/N64brew-Game-Jam-2020/Tecto
Telocation Team Team Ultra Rare libultra https://github.com/N64brew-Game-Jam-2020/Telocation https://jtn191.itch.io/telocation-gemini
Test 3rd Person Demo Team Team Ultranauts libultra https://github.com/N64brew-Game-Jam-2020/Test-3rd-Person-Demo
The Swoop 64 Team Team Zenden libultra https://github.com/N64brew-Game-Jam-2020/The-Swoop-64
Thornmarked Team Team Vanadium libultra https://github.com/N64brew-Game-Jam-2020/thornmarked


Entry Score Rank
Telocation Gemini 117/125 1st
Kumi-Daiko Beatoff 64 104/125 2nd (tie)
sblobber 64 104/125 2nd (tie)
The Swoop 64 102/125 3rd (tie)
Lunar Assault 64 102/125 3rd (tie)

External Links

  1. Jam Announcement Video
  2. Theme Reveal Trailer
  3. Interview with the Judges and Contestants