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Welcome to the N64brew Wiki!
This wiki is a collaboration among the homebrew community, proving accurate documentation of the Nintendo 64, its peripherals, and related software.
Everyone is welcome to contribute!

VR4300 CPU

The VR4300 64-bit CPU with an internal FPU for floating point math.

Reality Coprocessor

The RCP contains the RSP - Reality Signal Processor which is a MIPS VR4000-type 32-bit Processor with an SIMD Co-Processor, and the RDP - Reality Display Processor, a dedicated hardware drawing processor.

Peripheral Interface

Acts as both a BIOS and authentication validator for the console and also manages the reset button, cartridge, and four controller ports using the Joybus Protocol.

Audio Interface and Video Interface

Responsible for converting digital signals from the RCP to analog audio and video to be sent to the TV.


A homebrew N64 SDK. Still a work-in-progress but very feature-rich already.

  • BSD 3 Clause License
  • 2D and 3D Graphics
  • No Audio
  • Controllers


A homebrew N64 SDK for developing N64 games.

  • Public Domain
  • 2D Graphics only
  • Audio
  • Controllers


Nintendo's official SDK library.

Programming Topics


Only for use on SGI workstations running IRIX 5.3 or higher with an R4K or higher processor

Partner-N64 SDK

These tools are mostly 16-bit and will require a Windows OS of Win95, Win98, Win2K, WinXP

Nintendo iQue Linux 32-bit Compiler and Tools

If you are running a version of Linux that can support these programs this is probably the best solution

n64chain N64 Windows/Linux 64-bit Compiler and Tools

This is the most modern compiler and tools, but some parts of the ROM build process are not well supported

Building GCC

You can build your own GCC cross-compiler for Nintendo 64 development.

Game Jams

List of coding jams aimed toward developing games for the console.

Emulation Development Special Cases

When developing an emulator, it's helpful to know what game to start with and which ones require additional effort to emulate accurately.

Game Technique Examples

Sometimes for inspiration or during game development it helps to see examples of the techniques that you want to use. Or to just see what's possible on the N64.